Project Description

Project Description

The Saint Lucia road network has for many years suffered from lack of adequate maintenance, which has resulted in pronounced deterioration of the network. The situation has grown worse due to underfunded maintenance and it is therefore of utmost importance that those available funds are put to optimum use.

In the light of this the Government of Saint Lucia seeks to implement a comprehensive Road Maintenance Management System and Road Asset Management System. The project will run from 2017 to 2021 and covers the 700km of sealed roads, 300km of unsealed roads and 100 bridges and major culverts under MIPS&T jurisdiction.

For this purpose, improvement in the planning, programming and budgeting process for preservation of the existing road and bridge networks have been identified as an urgent need. The task is to adapt technical standards to levels that are economically sustainable in the long run, and to identify and prioritize preservation works in a way that minimizes the social cost of transport within applicable budgetary constraints. Specifically, the tool should analyze the pavement and traffic data, evaluate technical options and develop annual and rolling programs of works and expenditures that optimize the net social benefits under whatever funding constraints may be applied. There are also needs for tools for planning long-term policies and expenditure plans for the preservation and expansion of the network, for programming bridge expenditures, evaluating and designing construction projects, managing maintenance operations, and for enhancing the safety performance of the network.

The project was granted to SirWay Ltd. (Finland) and the project started 18 January 2018.

Objectives of the project

The project has the following objectives:

  • To provide a sustainable source of relevant and valid information for managing the road system through a system of road monitoring and a road data base
  • To enhance the programming and budgeting of periodic maintenance and rehabilitation of road pavements using economic efficiency criteria
  • To reduce the economic challenges posed by natural disasters and climate change by using Risk Assessment Data to prioritize public infrastructure spending