Bridge inspections

Bridge picture

It was thought that there are some 100 bridges in Saint Lucia before the RMMS project started. During the inspections it has been found out that the total number of bridges is over 220. Bridge inventory inspection is on-going and should be finished by the end of July after which maintenance planning of bridges can start.

Bridge inspections on the way

Bridges are being inspected

The first 12 bridges have been inspected. It is not yet known how many bridges there are in total, but the current estimate is 180. The bridge inspection was slow in the beginning as the future inspectors were trained at the same time. During the first week of inspections the inspection time was reduced from three hours to half an hour.

Drone for inspections

A drone was procured to assist in bridge inspections. It is possible to fly under the bridge and take high quality video. It needs to be remembered that the GPS signal is lost under the bridge and the drone can behave in an unexpected way. There is a manual mode for full manual control in such situations. The photos taken with the drone camera can be used to create a visual 3D model of the bridge. [Read More]

Presentation of bridges

A new team member arrived. Bridge expert, Mr. Sander Sein explained the principles of the Bridge Management System (BMS) to be implemented in Saint Lucia. There will be three types of inspections that provide the data for the BMS. Inventory inspections are done in the beginning to collect all the necessary information. Routine inspections are done annually, where overall assessment is done and condition data collected. Emergency inspections are done when necessary. [Read More]