Traffic counting results

Traffic counting was done on almost all the roads in A, B and C road classes. Only inaccessible roads were not covered. The counting results were rectified by traffic correction factors, homogeneous traffic segments were identified and the results are now available in the Road Management System. The busiest A-road is A50 from Choc Bridge to Gros Islet. Annual Average Daily Traffic reaches over 27 000 vehicles. The road needs upgrading to 4 lanes. [Read More]

Traffic variation

Information on traffic volumes is extremely important not only in decisions on capacity increase, but also in prioritisation of bridge and road maintenance works. Collection of traffic information on all the roads and of all the vehicles is not possible and therefore some of the values are estimated. Overall, the variations in traffic volumes can be divided into the following categories: Variations by hours (these may also vary by weekdays) Variations by weekdays Variations by months (weeks) Trends Random variations The initial counting results reveal that almost 10 % of the daily traffic takes place between 07:00 and 08:00 and that Friday has most traffic. [Read More]

Traffic counters installed

Installation of portable traffic counters

Ten portable traffic counters have now been installed on the traffic counting locations. The counters will remain for a week on the spot and then they are moved to new locations. Later, the portable counters are complemented with permanent counters and manual traffic counting.

Traffic counter training

Installation of portable traffic counter

Training was given by Metrocount on installation and operation of portable traffic counters. The Ministry has 12 units that will be used for one-week counts on approximately 200 locations. Weekly traffic count data is complemented with manual counts as well as permanent counting in two locations.