Training on Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

Dynatest gave introduction of FWD and training for the future FWD operators in the RAMS unit. FWD will be used on all the paved ABC roads and selected D-roads. In should be noted, that FWD is not able to be used on roads having steep geometry. On the other hand, hot temperature is not limiting the surveys, since results can be corrected with BellĀ“s curve. Busy highways will be measured on low traffic hours, due to safety reasons. [Read More]

GIS training ended

GIS training ended

The GIS training ended successfully and provided the basic information required for using Road Asset Management System. Now, all the participants should be able to use the data collected on the road network for analyses and creation of various theme maps. All the participants who are interested in the GIS and find it useful can continue learning with practical assignments and the road network data being collected.

Presentation of bridges

A new team member arrived. Bridge expert, Mr. Sander Sein explained the principles of the Bridge Management System (BMS) to be implemented in Saint Lucia. There will be three types of inspections that provide the data for the BMS. Inventory inspections are done in the beginning to collect all the necessary information. Routine inspections are done annually, where overall assessment is done and condition data collected. Emergency inspections are done when necessary. [Read More]

GIS training

Geographic Information System (GIS) training course started with over 10 participants. Most of the participants are new to the world of GIS. The training will last for 5 half-days with practical group works and final exam. The first training session covered the basic concepts of GIS with GIS components, how GIS is used, what data types are in GIS etc. It was learnt that GIS is not just creating maps, but includes data collection, storage, analysis and sharing of the data and results. [Read More]