Project results

Results of the 8 months implementation phase of the RMMS project were presented to the Ministry of Finance. A separate workshop was arranged for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour. The consultant has a strong message for not spending on too expensive road construction projects, but to preserve the value of the existing infrastructure and secure optimal maintenance budget in the coming years. After all, we are talking about the value of over 600 million ECD of ABC roads and the value of around 450 million ECD of all the bridges. [Read More]

Workshop on road maintenance planning

A workshop was arranges on maintenance planning. The general concept was introduced and it was explained that first longer-term strategic planning is performed to define the desired target level for road condition and budget. A realistic budget is then used for periodic maintenance planning, where medium-term, multi-year network level plan is created. This plan is updated on annual basis. The plan is based on road deterioration models, work effects models, road user cost models, maintenance standards and unit costs of maintenance works. [Read More]

Workshop in institutional development

A workshop was held on institutional development. A draft roadmap was introduced with the following development topics: Road related data and its collection Road Asset Management system Road policy and sustainable funding Long and mid-term planning processes as a management system Budget structure and key performance indicators Corporate Plan Maintenance standards Supervision and Quality control Selection of contractors and quality of contractors’ work Co-operation with WASCO Group works focused on some of the development topics. [Read More]

Answers to questionnaire


Workshop participants were asked the reasons for the current road condition and the dominating factors seem to be lack of financing, lack of planning and lack of tools and management systems. It seems that the importance of RAMS is acknowledged in MIPEL.